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Welcome to Industrial Microwave Services Limited



IMS currently maintain and service for end user companies, a wide range of microwave equipment in many diverse product areas. These currently include……..

A.P.V., Alter, Amana, Astec-Girling, Berstorff, Calorex, Cim-D'or, Cober, F.C.I., Gerlach, I.M.S., L.M.I., M.E.S., Menschner, Microdry, Magnetronics, Muegge, Petrie Technologies, Raytheon, Sairem, Spellman, Toshiba and many others


Switch Mode Power Supplies

Cost effective microwave switch mode power supply repairs. Specialising allows us to provide our technical staff the four resources needed for economical repairs; custom-built test equipment, ample spare parts, comprehensive technical information and accumulated expertise.


Repairs & Servicing                                                      

Our technicians carry out breakdown visits to customer’s sites as and when required, usually within 24 hours of being contacted. Servicing of machines is carried out on a regular basis for many existing customer’s, on an annual or bi-annual contract.

Circulator Repairs

We have the facilities to repair and recondition your worn out circulators. Due to the high capital costs of these units reconditioning them is a very economical option.


Survey & Leakage Checks                                            

We provide an independent, regular or one off checks for RF & Microwave leakage, to ensure your machine or equipment is compliant with the current Health & Safety requirements.  


On site training for maintenance staff                     

IMS are able to provide in-house maintenance courses specifically tailored to your equipment or machine, to enable on site maintenance staff to be more familiar and to have an informed approach to the maintenance and repairs that periodically require to be carried out.

Installation & Commissioning                                        

De-commissioning & re-installation of existing machines, to a new site, or the installation of new equipment can be carried out to meet your time scale.



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Registered Office:- 2 Merus Court, Meridian Business Park, Leicester, LE19 1RT.

Directors J & E Garwood