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Kiln Dryer




The specification is as follows:-

                       Voltage 415 Line to line + neutral + earth

Current 125Amps per phase

Frequency 50Hz

HT Transformer Taps 380V, 400V, 420V

Output Power 60kW

Output Frequency 896MHz (The Generator may have to be modified to conform to your

governments guidelines, regarding industrial RF operating frequencies.)    


A Microwave cavity purpose designed and built in high grade stainless steel, with angled

side sections to reflect the microwaves in to the product.


The Kiln cavity is 1.1 Metres wide and can accommodate wood up to 5.5 Metres long and

loaded up to 1.3 Metres high.

The wood to be dried is loaded into the oven via trolley system. When the wood is being

dried it is being continuously moved within the oven. This movement helps to produce a

more even drying process.


The microwave generator is a 60KW, L band, Isolated output, freestanding unit. It has

been fitted with anti-condensation heaters to cope with humid work environments.

These generator have a proven record of being reliable and very robust.


The output from the generator is fed into the oven via 4 individually tuned ports.

The microwave energy entering through these ports are deflected randomly by

rotating offset microwave deflectors.


A blower system is used to force cool air into the cavity to control humidity levels

during operation.


There are various sensors within the system measuring weight, external and internal

temperatures. These values are continuously up dated and are displayed via LCD



The machine can be viewed working by appointment only.


Obviously this microwave system will reduce production costs, reduce drying times

and help with the overall efficiency of your process.


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