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4k5W Multimode Batch Microwave



    The specification is as follows:-

     415V 50Hz 3PH+N+E

     Fused with 32M40 H.R.C. Minimum

     Frequency          -    2450MHz 10MHz

     Power Output       -    3 Independent 1.5kW Generators giving a maximum of 4.5kW output into cavity.

     Process Timer      -    5 Ranges Selectable

                             0 - 6 seconds

                             0 - 60 seconds

                             0 - 6 minutes

                             0 - 60 minutes

                             0 - 6 Hours

     Preheat Time       -    3 minutes

     Air Flow Control   -    Normally routed to cavity and exhausted through front door grill. Pulling exhaust handle at rear forces air to

                                         atmosphere via rear filtered vents.

     Turntable Operation -    ON/OFF Control can be operated whilst oven is in preheat mode.

     Safety Interlocks  -    Access Panel Open/Closed

                             Cavity Door Open/Closed

                             Cavity Door Locked/Unlocked

     Cavity Dimensions  -    1075mm wide

                             635mm deep

                             510mm high

     Maximum Product    -    370mm

     Height on Turntable




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